Introducing HubSpot’s #PETprogram: Taking ‘Office Dogs’ to a Whole New Level



Here at HubSpot, there’s one thing we love above all else: Dogs.


A smush-faced pug? Instant heart warmer. Majestic golden retriever? More like new best friend. It’s no wonder our “bring your dog to work” policy at our Cambridge headquarters is an employee favorite.


Beyond being popular, this program also gets big results: Our research revealed a 278% uptick in employee satisfaction when HubSpotters were within a 10-foot radius of a dog. What’s more, data from a third-party, double-blind study showed that not only were these results true for dogs, but they also held true for all animals.


We’ve taken these insights and rolled them into our latest, groundbreaking employee perk: Productive Employee Things — better known as the P.E.T. Program.


We believe in healthy, productive, and happy employees. And we’re committed to this — even if that means anteaters roaming the halls, parrots nesting in the kitchen, or awkward turtles in our marketing meetings. In short, HubSpotters won’t need to leave behind the fuzzy, furry, or scaly companions that inspire them. We’ve decided to let HubSpotters around the globe bring their pets to work.


Let freedom ring … or squawk … or meow … or growl.


But that’s not all. With this announcement, we’ve put together a list of our top workplace pets. How would you rank these cuddly office companions? 

    1. Chicken

      Two words that brighten up any employee’s morning: fresh omelettes.chicken-office-pet.png

    1. Sheep

      Office temps give you an occasional case of the chills? Warm up alongside nature’s sweater.




    1. Goat

      Your own personal, on-demand paper shredder (and facial hair consultant).Goat-office-pet.png

    1. Kangaroo

      The utility vehicle of office pets. Carry around laptops, pens, and notebooks — all while keeping your lunch warm.




    1. Anaconda

      Monday vibes give you the blues? Nothing a nice, strong hug can’t fix.Snake-office-pet.png

    1. Octopus

      Manage all your daily tasks and more with a helping hand. Bonus: Fresh ink for the quill.Octopus-office-pets.png

    1. Alpaca

      Ever spill coffee during the morning hustle? Clean it up with a real alpaca-spit shine.Alpaca-office-pet.png

    1. Elephant

      How long before the joke, “I want to address the elephant in the room,” gets old? Time to find out.




    1. Pig

      Stay-the-course on any diet. This office pet will eat every tasty treat in sight before you can.







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