A Guide to Growing and Engaging your Membership Base [New Ebook]



Just as cars are fueled by gas, or a plant is feed by the sun, associations are powered by their members.


But what does an association do when they can’t attract as many new members as they need to support their cause? Or their current members’ engagement has plateaued? 


Inbound marketing isn’t an overnight fix, but it is a long-term and highly efficient solve to these problems. To help you learn more about how it works, we teamed up with The Campaign Workshop to bring you Sign Me Up! A Guide to Growing and Engaging Your Membership Base


In this free ebook, we cover:

    • The basics of content and inbound marketing for nonprofits
    • Tips for brainstorming and writing content your audience will love
    • The channels and strategies you need to get your content found online
    • How to use content to drive online conversions and learn more about constituents
    • Techniques to tap into your current member-base to create and share content
    • Ways to get your whole team on-board with the inbound methodology

You can download the free ebook here >> 


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A Guide to Growing and Engaging Your Member Base



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