Three Cheers For the New Whitespark Website

Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and a new website!!! Awww yeah. We are super pumped to announce that we have upgraded our site and while we’ve kept our signature pink and Whitespark charm, it’s a whole new look.


This has been a huge project for us (grueling at times). Moving from a custom CMS to WP is intense business.


Our rad new blog, is more like a content hub and fully equipped with search functionality – a huge step up from our previous blog. We’re so fancy now. We also have a super fun About Us page, so if you want to learn more about our awesome team, what music we’re listening to (Justin Bieber is definitely on the list, but Darren is too embarrassed about that to let me post it) and things we are currently loving. And don’t worry, we preserved our original 404 page because it still makes us laugh.


We want to extend some major thanks to:

    • Orlin, Jeff, and Jessie (yeah, I just thanked myself in my own post) for their tireless efforts to make this happen.
    • FocusLab for creating the foundation and base design of the new site and Avenir Creative for taking it to the next level with us.

Stay tuned for more fun updates as we are in the process of updating our Local Citation Finder with a new look and more features.



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